Friday, 15 May 2015

Will of the People (Captain Britain Corps) Custom Figurine

I posted this custom figurine I made on my other Blog, Metal Ink, earlier on today.

This is Will of the People, a member of the Captain Britain Corps. Will of the People has only appeared in one single panel, this was in issue #50 of Excalibur, which was written and drawn by Alan Davis in 1992.

That one single appearance piqued the interest of Captain Britain fans everywhere, and he's featured on many a Blog.

On the Marvel Database he is known as Jonathan Raven, and he is the Earth-7305 version of Killraven. It also goes on to say he is an adversary of the Fist Ninja Clan.

I intend to add many more members of the Captain Britain Corps to my figurine collection, which I will feature on here once done.

Will of the People

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