Thursday, 26 February 2015

Elsa Bloodstone Fights the Marvel Zombies on Battleworld

Once again thanks to Newsarama for this article...


Marvel has marketed the upcoming Secret Wars as an end to their world, so what's an apocalypse without a few zombies?

On Thursday Marvel announced via BloodyDisgusting its newest addition to the expansive line of Secret Wars series - Marvel Zombies by Si Spurrier and Kevin Walker. Planned for a June debut, Marvel Zombies (the second Secret Wars title to 'co-star' Marvel Zombies ) features Nextwave alum Elsa Bloodstone serving on the southern barrier in Secret Wars' Battleworld known as the Shield against an encroaching zombie horde.

No, this isn't Game of Thrones.

Spurrier says the story of Marvel Zombies works on two fronts - one of Bloodstone fighting against the encroaching zombies while protecting a "vulnerable young companion," while the other is Elsa struggling with the memory of her father, Ulysses Bloodstone.

"[The outside journey is] packed with festering, corrupted, undead versions of your favorite Marvel characters, in whose rheumy eyes and Elsa and her young xharge are just a convenient moveable snack. Into this portion of the journey we're throwing putrid wads of horror, incredible action and some really creative evil. I'm actually rather proud of some of the inventive nastiness I've got planned."

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Avengers #43 Cover First Look Featuring Captain Britain

Newsarama have just posted this...

Time is running out in Marvel's Avengers and New Avengers title, but not before they shift some things around leading into Secret Wars.

Newsarama has learned that the previously solicited cover to Avengers #43 by Adam Kubert will now be the cover for New Avengers #32, with a new cover by Stefano Caselli being revealed to take it's place.  Here's your first look at the cover for Avengers #43, which is scheduled to go on-sale March 18:

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cerise Trading Card - X-Men: Series 2

I also picked up this little beauty from eBay this week. Damn you eBay, making me spend more money... granted not a lot but...

This is card #8 in the 1993 X-Men: Series 2 trading card set, featuring the former Excalibur member, Cerise. I loved this character, created by Alan Davis. The art on this card is also by Alan Davis. It would be nice to see her once more appear in the Marvel Universe, she's one of many from those early days that's sort of faded away, like Kylun, and Feron to name but two.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Captain Britain Trading Card - X-Men: Series 2

Ebay enables you to buy things you don't need, but want... or is it the other way round?.. With my never ending search for all things Captain Britain, it really is a case of need, more-so than want. I picked up this 1993 X-Men: Series 2 Captain Britain trading card by Skybox for next to nothing.

This is card #7 featuring the art of Alan Davis. In it's 'DNAnalysis' it states that he is a 'Non-mutant hybrid'... hmm... scratches head.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Defenders UK Makes It's Debut On Avengers UK

You should check out the Avengers UK Fan web page on Facebook, which features the 1st issue of Defenders UK. I've just read this issue, and it's excellent! It features characters you'd recognise from the pages of Captain Britain, plus other UK related characters you wouldn't expect to see in a Captain Britain comic.

It's quite unique, and the mix of Sci-fi culture meets Super-hero culture, creates a look and feel that's distinctively British. I loved it, reminded me of all those childhood comics I used to read in the 70's. You can tell a lot of time (pun intended), effort, and love has gone in to this.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Union Jack and Captain America by Mike Perkins

Found another excellent piece of art by Mike Perkins on the Comic Art Fans website, this time of Union Jack and Captain America. Nice, Very Nice.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Captain Britain Hero Attax Trading Card

I believe this Hero Attax trading card by Topps was released in 2012, featuring the good Captain. I'm not to sure how the game works, I would presume it's similar to Top Trumps. I picked this up off of eBay, it features Captain Britain, in his uniform as seen in the 2006/2007 New Excalibur run.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Herb Trimpe Inspired Captain Britain by Mike Perkins

Spotted this on the Comic Art Fans website by Mike Perkins...

The owner/collector had this to say about this piece of art... 'From C2E2 2014. I spoke with Mike beforehand and set up my semi-annual commission with him, and again offered him his choice of  characters. It was a no-brainer of course. He recalled growing up in the Marvel UK days with Herb Trimpe as the artist of the title, and channeled some great Trimpe into this piece.'

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Captain Britain MiniMate

Received this in the post today, A Captain Britain MiniMate, sporting his 80's costume.

He even comes with hair, which enables you to transform him into Brian Braddock. This is not a toy, it's for display only, honest... that's what I tell my son!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Revolutionary War Alpha Cover Art by Mark Brooks

Found this beautiful black and white version of the Revolutionary War Alpha cover by Mark Brooks on the Comic Art Fans website. Someone's a very lucky person for owning this.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tweedle-Dope Convention Sketch by Alan Davis

This convention sketch of the Crazy Gang member, Tweedle-Dope by Alan Davis was posted today on the Comic Art Fans website.

Alan Davis is a true master, a Jedi-Knight in the world of comics... that's all I have to say!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Captain Britain and Meggan by Daniel Govar

Check out this fantastic piece of art, by American artist Daniel Govar, depicting Captain Britain and Meggan, flying around the old lighthouse from the early Excalibur days. Very nice, very, very nice!

For more fantastic pieces of art, check out his deviantART gallery...