Sunday, 25 November 2012

Who is Kid Briton?

Marvel have announced upcoming event, 'Avengers Arena'. A Battle Royale type story involving 16 youngsters from the Marvel universe, some known, some not so well known, all fighting against each other. One of these unknown heroes is a character called Kid Briton... Who is he? and why does he look like a right jerk? All we know is, he represents House Braddock.

Avengers Arena is all Arcade's doing, a bigger version of one of his 'Murderworld' attempts, but on an island, very Battle Royale! This time there's actually going to be murder, which never actually happens in Murderworld.

Can't really see the point in this story, especially if some of the heroes are going to actually die, and wouldn't the grown-up heroes notice them missing.

For the full insight into this follow this link from an article on

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Union Jack and The Freedom's Five

Upon one of my many searches of the internet I came across this little gem! A bright shining star from 1976, Invaders issue #7, to be precise. To be honest I didn't even know they existed, very briefly it seems, but exist they did.

In 1976 The Freedom Five were introduced to the world of Marvel. They were a group of costumed heroes that fought against the Germans in world war one. There seems to be conflicting information to what war they were actually in, world war one, or two, The invaders were in WWII, where The Freedom Five appeared.

The team had heroes representing three different countries, allied against the Germans. From the UK you had Union Jack, The Silver Squire, and Sir Steel, from America you had The Phantom Eagle, and from France you had The Crimson Cavalier.

Alas they only appeared in three issues, but I now feel the need to track these issues down.

I also found this excellent piece of art by Geoff Isherwood of The Freedom Five.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Gambit #5, with Pete Wisdom & MI:13

• Coerced by a criminal mastermind, Gambit is sent to the United Kingdom to heist the greatest weapon in the history of man: Excalibur.

• How will Marvel’s premiere thief manage to dupe his extortionist while also escaping with a clear name?

• Guest-starring Pete Wisdom and MI13!

Released on November 14th 2012

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Excalibur chosen by the fans

For a year I ran a vote, just for fun, on Excalibur. If Marvel decided to reinvent Britain's premier team, who should be in it? I picked thirty heroes, some had been members of Excalibur previously, or had connections to Excalibur, or Captain Britain.

Captain Britain got the most amount of votes, which is no surprise, and I then picked the next six most voted for to make up the team, seven's always a good, lucky team number.

Here's Excalibur, as chosen by those that voted...
Captain Britain, Meggan, Black Knight, Pete Wisdom, Spitfire, Union Jack, and Lionheart.

There were quite a few close contenders for inclusion in the team, and these could be used as guest stars, or even have a storyline built around them, involving Excalibur. The next, best of the rest if you like were...
Micromax, Kylun, and Dark Angel.

I included every ClanDestine member, but alas they didn't fare too well, the most votes going to Crimson Crusader. Maybe there could be an Exclaibur academy, where young heroes like Imp, and her brother, Crimson Crusader could enrol.

Like I said, it was just for fun but, how good would it be? Drawn by Alan Davis, and written by Paul Cornell, but don't change Cap's costume Paul. Hell I might even write it, and submit it to Marvel... we can all dream!