Monday, 15 October 2012

Captain Britain, A Secret Avenger No More!

NYCC: Secret Avengers Getting a Relaunch

Nick Spencer and Luke Ross take over Secret Avengers.

With Rick Remender's run on Secret Avengers coming to a close, we've been wondering what will become of the series, particularly in light of all the Marvel NOW! craziness going on. Today at their Avengers panel during NYCC, Marvel unveiled that Secret Avengers would relaunch with a new #1 in February, this time under the leadership of writer Nick Spencer and artist Luke Ross.
This time around, Maria Hill orders the formation of a new team to save the world from a threat it doesn't even know exists, and so Nick Fury Jr. and good ol' Agent Coulson must recruit a new squad, which will consist of Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Mockingbird, Winter Soldier and a new Iron Patriot.

So it looks like a new creative team on Marvel's Secret Avengers, which means a new team, which looks a lot like The Avengers from the movie. This also means no more Captain Britain in a mainstream Marvel comic, so what now for Brian Braddock? Maybe the talk, some time ago, of a commonwealth superhero team will come to fruition. A sort of Excalibur crossed with an Alpha Flight team, I'd buy it!