Monday, 27 August 2012

Secret Avengers Vol. 1 Graphic Novel by Rick Remender

Secret Avengers volume one by Remender, Hardman & Zircher, contains Secret Avengers #21.1 and #22-25.

Previously I reviewed Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force: Otherworld, which featured Captain Britain, his sister Psylocke, and the rest of her team X-Force. If you've read my review you'll see I was none too pleased with Rick Remender's portrayal of the good captain.

I bought this because it contained Captain Britain, who is now a member of the Secret Avengers, a covert Avengers team, hoping that Rick had done some research into CB, maybe read the Alan Moore/Alan Davis issues, and started writing him as he should.

This graphic novel starts off with Captain America on a rescue mission with Hawkeye. The reason for the mission was for CA to test Hawkeye to see if he was ready to lead his Secret Avengers. They cross swords with various Masters of Evil, Princess Python, Whiplash and the Nick Fury LMD. The long and tall of it is Cap hands the Secret Avengers over to Hawkeye as team leader. The team consisting of Hawkeye, Captain Britain, Beast, Valkyrie, Giant Man, Black Widow, Original Human Torch, and Ant Man.

Rick Remender just does not get Captain Britain, or maybe he doesn't like the good Captain. What ever the reason, I find myself becoming annoyed at his portrayal. Cap's introduction to this GN, started off OK-ish, with a sterotypical fight outside Buckingham palace.
The Queen makes an appearance, and utters the words 'Defeat that hooligan'. Contrary to popular belief, us Brits don't all talk like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, or upper class toffs!

Next you see Captain Britain introduced to the team, a few crossed wires where with a level of arogance CB thinks he's going to lead the team, he's not, it's Hawkeye's team.
Remender paints Captain Britain as either an arrogant bumbling sod, or a punching bag for the villains they face. Sadly for as long as Remender writes Captain Britain, he will always play second fiddle to the other characters in this book. Ant Man was portrayed brilliantly, and even Venom's inclusion in the team was handled well.

Captain Britain now has 'Stealth Mode' in his suit/uniform... what?.. since when did he have stealth mode? Stealth mode involves the main white part of his uniform, and his gloves turning black... erm...? Is it a bird? is it a plane?... no, but we can see a dirty great big red cross flying across the night sky!!!!! really stealthy!

The story itself revolves around robots, lots of robots, all lead by someone called 'Father'. There's LMD's, Deathlok's, Doombot's, Machine Men, Sentinel's etc. All the major robot players are there, apart from Ultron, but there is a Jocasta look-a-like. The Wasp is there as a Deathlok Robot, as well as Miss America, and you're left wondering if it's the real Wasp, or a robot. If it is the real Wasp, then she's been turned into a Deathlok.

The Decendants, as Father calls his own brood, with all the other robot life forms hate the human race, and especially The Avengers, who are plastered everywhere about the hidden robot city, as evil oppressors.

The story itself is not bad in itself, but CB's portrayal ruins it for me, and I would imagine this story may lead into the forthcoming Ultron War, whenever that is?

A fellow Blogger (It Came From Darkmoor), commented on Twitter, that the only good thing about Remender's Secret Avengers is the covers are drawn by Art Adams! He's not too far from the truth really!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Secret Avengers #34 - November - Cover by Art Adams

Marvel's November Solicitations contains a first look at Secret Avengers #34, with a cover by Art Adams, the synopsis goes something like this...

Secret Avengers #34 RICK REMENDER (W) •MATTEO SCALERA (A) COVER BY ARTHUR ADAMS THE RISE OF THE DESCENDANTS! • The robots of the Marvel Universe revolt! • The Avengers are taken down leaving only the Secret Avengers to stop Father’s automaton invasion and the plague of the Descendant’s contagious robot evolution! • Why has Captain Britain just hurled mankind’s only hope of salvation into the black heart of Earth 4680? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Friday, 17 August 2012

Wolverine Annual #1 Preview with ClanDestine

The third and final part of the ClanDestine Vincent story that started in FF Annual #33, continued in DD Annual #1, concludes in Wolverine Annual #1, released Wednesday 22nd August.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Daredevil Annual #1 Preview with ClanDestine

Part two of the Alan Davis/Mark Farmer story involving Davis' creation ClanDestine features in Daredevil Annual #1, which also features Doctor Strange. This story continues in Wolverine Annual #1.