Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Captain Britain Team-Up That Never Happened

Found these fun Captain Britain team-up's on a fellow blogger's blog.

These are the only Captain Britain ones on the blog, but there are plenty of great team-ups that never happened. Follow this link

Friday, 23 March 2012

Uncanny X-Force #23: Otherworld Part 4

Here's some pic's of Uncanny X-Force #23, the final part of the Otherworld saga. Some interesting developements between Meggan, and the AoA Nightcrawler.

For larger images of these pages follow this link to CBR...

I would have put these images so they could be enlarged on this blog at the click of a button, but alas I don't know how to. Anyone know how I can please let me know!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

John Byrne Captain Britain Original Art

I found this commission by John Byrne of Captain Britain and Scarlet Witch battling Batroc, Klaw and Grey Gargoyle. Captain Britain's in his 70's costume, so I would presume this would have happened about the time Cap teamed up with Spidey in Marvel Team-Up #65 & #66.

This fight never happened, but how much more popular would Captain Britain have become if he did have a few more high profile villains to battle every now and again. I know he went up against the Red Skull, but that was a team up with Captain America. How cool if he did cross swords with Batroc, or Grey Gargoyle once in a while, they are French after all, and the British, and the French have crossed swords so many times in history. Maybe a few spidey villains would have been a good match up, like Electro, or maybe Doc Ock. Obviously any incarnation since the 70's wouldn't fit, but a street level based hero like he was back then makes more sense.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Alan Davis Digital Art

It's Friday, which means it's art appreciation Friday, which is usually connected to my favourite comic artist Alan Davis. I will post art by other artist, but here's something else by Alan Davis, but with a difference, it's digital...

Phoenix is stunning, and ClanDestine is a little scary, a bit of a Stepford feel... 'shivers!'

Friday, 9 March 2012

Alan Davis ClanDestine Concept Sketches

It's that Alan Davis art appreciation Friday thing again. Here's some very cool concept sketches by Alan Davis of his super-family, ClanDestine, taken from his web-site.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Uncanny X-Force Otherworld Premier Hardcover

The current story involving X-Force, and Captain Britain in Otherworld, is due for a quick release in graphic novel form 23rd May 2012.

X-Force journeys to Otherworld, where Fantomex is put on trial by the Captain Britain Corps! As Wolverine and Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler face a strange and deadly foe, Psylocke becomes Lady Briton — and Deadpool is decapitated! With the Multiverse in danger and the Corps in shambles, it’s up to X-Force to save the day — and a terrible choice must be made to ensure the protection of all reality!

Plus: Return to the Age of Apocalypse as the AOA X-Men make their final stand against Weapon X! Introducing new AOA super-hero team the X-Terminated! Collecting Uncanny X-Force #19.1 and issues #20-24, written by Rick Remender, pencilled by Billy Tan, Greg Tocchini & Phil Noto, with a cover by Leinil Francis Yu.

Marvel, hardback, 144 pages, published May 2012

Superhero Nails

On one of my many searches I came across this Captain Britain piece of nail art, which I thought was pretty cool.

So I typed in 'Superhero nails' into Google, and low and behold there are so many pretty impressive hero and villain nail creations. Take a look at these few...

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Where It All Began: Captain Britain No.1

It's 1977 and Britain needs a hero, not just any old hero, we need a British hero. America had Captain America, and we needed a Captain America type character this side of the pond to appeal to the British public. Captain Britain was born, Albion's Captain America to fight the good fight.

The opening splash page is a real piece of work, and does the job of grabbing your attention.
'Born in fulfillment of an ancient dream, forged and tempered in the fires of defeat and death... A man gifted with superior powers and abilities... he is that rarest of all men: A SUPER-HERO!'

Written by Chris Claremont, and drawn by Herb Trimpe, the story starts, not at the start, because most origins start off pretty boring, and you need to grab the public's attention straight away, but half way through the first battle.

As Cap fights he does a lot of thinking about why he's got these powers, and shows a lot of surprise at his prowess.
He even questions his name, Captain Britain, because he's not a Captain. Captain America was in the army in WWII, so warrants a Captain's title, but Captain Britain? At this stage in the developement of the character the Captain Britain Corps were not in existence, so no justification for the name.

The main villain, and first all-round would-be world dominator, Cap faces, is Joshua Stragg, who goes under the name of The Reaver, a Suit of Armour wearing, sword weilding bad guy.

So now you're hooked with all the action, it was time to tell the story of how Brian Braddock became Captain Britain. It starts in the Darkmoor research centre where Brian Braddock is working, when Joshua Stragg bursts in with all his henchmen, to steal the research, which will give him the power to rule the world.

The young Brian Braddock makes a run for it, and is chased by Stragg, and his henchmen. Brian jumps on a motor-bike and speeds away, but crashes the bike over a cliff.

It looks like Brian's had it, he crawls forward, barely alive, where he's greeted by a woman's voice, 'Welcome to the Siege Perilous, Brian Braddock -- Welcome home.' The voice belongs to Roma, who is known as The Lady of the Northern Skies', she is accompanied by Merlin, who gives him a choice. Choose the Sword or The Amulet.

Here ends the first issue. On the cover of this issue it states 'Special Origin Issue', which is only half true. Captain Britain's origin still hasn't been told in full, plus this issue doesn't explain why Joshua Stragg has armour, and a sword. All these questions are answered in issue 2.

So why was this first issue so good? Why did it appeal to the British super-hero loving public? British comics were very different to their American counterparts, and for this comic to work you needed a mix of American and British appeal. You had the American style hero in costume, plus you had a typical boys adventure style, with a bit of Arthurian legend mixed in. The Dick Barton type cliffhanger at the end made you think, I want to know what happens next, and with it being a weekly comic you didn't have to wait long.

I'm re-reading all the early Captain Britain comics, and I'm really intrigued to find out if there's any mention of Brian Braddock's connection to Otherworld in these early days. Roma saying 'Welcome home Brian', has made me think of more recent adventures, with his father being a previous ruler of Otherworld. How far back was the intention to have Brian Braddock connected?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Unpublished Alan Davis Captain Britain Pencil Art

I think Friday will now be known as Alan Davis art appreciation day, on this blog at least! I love his art, clear, clean lines, and oodles of personality in every drawing.

Here's some more unpublished pencil drawings, from his web site, this time Captain Britain.