Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Captain Britain Team-Up

Cap's first solo team-up was in 1977, in his own weekly comic, teaming up with Captain America. The story ran for 12 issues, with the two Caps fighting the Red Skull, who wanted to destroy London.

Next up was Caps introduction to the American public in 1978, with an appearance in two issues of Marvel Team-Up, with Spider-Man, battling through Arcades Murderworld.

Then it was back to Marvel UK in Hulk Comic Weekly, 1979. The story had Brian Braddock flying back to the UK, in a plane, no flight powers in the 70's. The plane crashes, he's washed up on a beach where, suffering from amnesia, he meets the Black Knight. They fight, and eventually team up to save Otherworld. This story has now been collected in graphic novel form, under the title of 'Siege of Camelot'.

The next time we see Captain Britain in a solo team-up is once again with Captain America, in 1985, yet again in London, which the bad guy is trying to destroy. More of a mystical element this time with Modred the Mystic the bad guy.

The most recent team-up was with Deadpool in his own team-up comic, in 2010, where they crossed swords with the new Slaymaster, who was trying to get his hands on the old Slaymasters arsenal of weapons.

Captain Britain has appeared in quite a few Marvel comics over the years, usually as part of a team, or appeared in other team comics such as X-men and ClanDestine. More recently he has appeared in Uncanny X-Force, and soon to appear as a Secret Avenger.

A constant in all these team-ups is that Cap' always begins each team-up fighting the hero, then fighting with them, to beat the big bad!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Unpublished Alan Davis Meggan Pencil Art

Alan Davis is the definitive Captain Britain artist, and that can also be said about the way he draws Captain Britain's Wife, Meggan. He has a way of drawing her in a way that shows a real innocence, with a mix faerie attached.

I found these unpublished pencil sketches he put on his web-site, I think they are wonderful!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Captain Britain's loyalty in A vs X?

So where will Captain Britain's loyalty lie in the big Marvel Event, Avengers Vs X-Men?
CBR published an interview with Tom Breevort, about the upcoming fist-fight between the two teams, here's what he had to say about the good Captain...

"Avengers Vs. X-Men" is also a conflict that will divide families. Brian Braddock AKA Captain Britain recently joined the Secret Avengers and his sister, Elizabeth is better known as the X-Men member Psylocke. How do these two siblings feel about being on opposing teams in this conflict?
Lowe: Since the Secret Avengers are secret, Psylocke doesn't know that he's with them, but that doesn't mean she wants to run at Captain America with a sword.
Brevoort: And fortunately for Brian, at least at the outset, he'll be among the Avengers who head out into space to meet the Phoenix head on and who'll attempt to halt or divert it -- so he's going to have much more immediate questions of survival to deal with apart from his relationships with the X-Men and his sister. But the fact that there's that familial connection that potentially crosses team lines is definitely something that we'll see dealt with in the story. Brian was a long-time teammate of a bunch of the core X-Men, so he's got strong ties to them.

If you want to read the full interview follow this link...

Friday, 17 February 2012

Captain Britain Pop Art

Playing around on Photobucket today, and I came up with these... Just for fun!

1970's Captain Britain

1980's Captain Britain

Excalibur Captain Marshal Costume

MI:13 Captain Britain

Here's an amalgam of all four...

Captain Britain Omnibus Cover Art

The Captain Britain Omnibus was released in two covers, one with the 80's costume, and the alternative version with the 70's costume. Here's the original artwork by Alan Davis used for both.

Still need to find a copy of this volume to add to my collection, at a reasonable price of course.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Uncanny X-Force #22: Otherworld Part 3

The next instalment of Otherworld in the Uncanny X-Force comic hits the comic shops on 22nd Feb. The story looks great, the cover art looks great, but i'm not that impressed with the interior artwork. Who am I to complain? We have the Captain Britain Corps, heaven on a stick as far as I'm concerned.

Captain Britain Corps ongoing series would be nice!

Bowen Designs Surtur Mini-Bust

How cool, and menacing does this Bowen Designs Surtur Mini-Bust look, and displayed next to the Tigra Mini-Bust it looks huge. Released Spring 2012.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Black Widow Scarlett Johansson Sideshow Statue

Nothing more needs to be said, but, WOW!
Released August 2012, and will retail for £206.26 ($324.99 USD)

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce our newest Premium Format figure, Black Widow, from the blockbuster film Iron Man 2.

Presented in stunning 1:4 scale, the covert S.H.I.E.L.D. operative has shed her secretarial disguise and is outfitted in a fabric bodysuit. Standing approximately 19 inches tall, she can be displayed with her firearm holstered or drawn. Finished with the unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product, the Black Widow Premium Format figure makes an exceptional addition to any collection.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Excalibur - Sword of Power

This four issue mini-run of Excalibur, released in 2001, really should be released as a graphic novel. I've not read it, even though I know what happens in it, I still want it, but as a rule I don't buy the comic, just the graphic novel release.

Comic vines take on this series is 'A four part limited series detailing Captain Britain's rise to become king of the extra-dimensional realm of Otherworld.'

Issue #1
In the wake of Excalibur's break-up, Brian Braddock and his wife Meggan at last lead "normal" lives. But their peace is shattered when Brian learns that a mysterious knight has decimated his birth planet, Otherworld. Now only Captain Britain, and his companions Psylocke and the Black Knight, have a hope of bringing this fiend down! But it will be a quest that will test Brian like never before, and force him to confront untold horrors and his own inner demons!

Issue #2
With Otherworld under seige, a small group of warriors lead by Captain Britain embark on a hunt for Excalibur, the mythic Sword of Power, which may be their only hope of salvation!

Issue #3

Captain Britain returns in a tale of furious fantasy in the Mighty Marvel Manner! The only thing that stands between the evil goddess Roma's total domination of reality is the sword of might, Excalibur! Can Brian Braddock, Psylocke and the Black Knight reclaim it in time?

Issue #4

Captain Britain's arch-nemesis has stolen the ultimate power in the universe right from Brian Braddock's hands! Can even the last surviving members of the Captain Britain Corps stop him before it's too late?

I'll probably have to buy the comics!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Captain Britain T-Shirt

I don't think this last one is a Captain Britain T-Shirt, but I'd wear it, it's the lion symbol from his first costume.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Art Nouveau Psylocke

Found these two Psylocke pieces of art on devianART...

and this one by Adam Hughes

Art Nouveau is one of my favourite art styles, and mixed with Psylocke, it's just perfect. I'd like to see Meggan in this art style.